Sunday, July 26, 2009


We've been working on stealth mode for the last one year on Legend Of Katha here in the Bangalore studio and are finally in beta.Its been a hard slog but worth it as we have a product that we're quite proud of and which we've shed a lot of blood,sweat and tears on.For me personally,its been a great ride as we established the Bangalore studio to build this game and we have delivered.

So,please check out

Its a free2play browser based game which requires no download or installation to play and has a pretty decent gameplay and feature set.It gives a RPG kind of feel within a massive multiplayer environment.We have achieved several significant breakthroughs over the last year,which include:

1>Custom Game Engine and Toolset which runs on Flash and supports AI,pathfinding ,animation,scripting and load balance
(What this means is that we built our own technology from the ground up)

2>Completely Virtualized Backend which runs off Amazon's EC2 and S3 service
(This is usually a killer for most companies trying to make vast multiplayer games and we have ported over the entire server and DB/Backup system which would typically require a server farm and masses of tech support over to a "cloud")

3>One year dev. time for the first beta ,which alos included hiring, building out a new office and establishing our first B2b deal(more to come later).

4>Just getting the damn thing looking good, fun and playable for half an hour and working with an awesome group of very dedicated and talented people to get to this stage.I cant thank my stars enough that Im lucky enough to work with such a great bunch of people everyday.As Im typing this our entire dev. and testing team is in on a Sunday tweaking the gameplay for our first quest "just so" , for a publisher demo.

5>We got about 4500 registrations within three weeks of our launch and no Class A bugs!Kudos to the dev. team for pulling that off and Ive heard nothing but nice things about the art from the community so far..

So, Legend of Katha is on its way and Ill post a lot of screenshots,videos and dev. work which we did over the last year to give people an idea of what we've achieved over the last year.Here's a brief one to whet your appetite: