Friday, December 26, 2008

Jooba Video Content Up

The Jooba site is up, and Jooba should be in stores in 2009.We've actually produced the first print run and they should be in stores like Landmark and Crosswords.
I storyboarded this one personally,minimalist style.

The next one is the counting sheep song, storyboarded by the very talented Anish, our first NID intern...

Reena Puri wrote that particular song and the tempo is fantastic throughout,ending with a very sleepy 30.The idea was that Kalia was trying to get Doob Doob to sleep by making him count to 30.

I will post some more Jooba stuff as we go along, currently we are in the middle of developing an MMO and its proving to be a tough project to execute.More on that later...

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