Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jooba Animation Direction

A director is usually a jack of all trades and if you pin down their role in a production, it is mainly to conceptualize the film and then guide the team with appropriate direction so that the idea is executed in like with the original concept.
In the trenches it can boil down to "change that color". "improve that arc" or whilst working with the music composer to "speed up the tempo here" etc.
In animation, an animatic is the main way for the director to control the final look and feel.Usually its a moving storyboard cut together with a scratch track to guide the various animators who are working on the production.As you can see the final film sometimes comes out quite different from the animatic.
Things do chnage along the way, and the difference between the animatic and the final version often shows you how the film has evolved during production.These two clips were harder to do as the final execution happened in Bombay and we were very crunched for time.Anyways, take a look and judge both of them for yourself...

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