Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Delivery :Short Film

Ramu and Goldy are two babies seperated at a tattoo parlor in India under tragic circumstances.30 years later, Ramu, now an auto driver and Goldy,an ambulance driver meet at a traffic light.

The idea for this short film arose after my various encounters with rickshaw drivers in Bangalore and Chennai.
They are some of the most colorful characters around and stories about their exploits are legendary as they break almost every rule and cause mayhem on the roads.The story underwent several iterations before I settled on the final premise and "look".I worked on the story a fair bit ,trying to get the typical brothers seperated at birth origin crossed with some road rage madness
I come from India and it was important for me to get a unique look and feel that represented what my country was all about, a mish-mash of colors,shapes,people and animals all living together.
Production is going to be a meld of 2d in Flash and 3d in backgrounds and vehicles.Took almost 4 months for developing the trailer with some of the shots!

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abhi1nav said...

hey arjun i really liked the video :>
also liked ur paintings at the conference yesterday,(if ur wondering i m the guy from cmrit whose drawins u laughed at)