Sunday, August 31, 2014

Alan Turing Comic

I've been working on a graphic novel on Alan Turing, doing all the layouts and art since December 2013.
Its a 200 page comic that traces the life of Alan Turing, the father of modern computing and WW2 codebreaker.
Interestingly ,there's a Hollywood movie called the imitation game due out in November which has many parallels to the graphic novels,both visually and thematically.
Alan Turing wrote a paper on the theory behind computers ,which is the foundation of all Computer Science  In fact,all computing devices ranging from Iphones to large mainframe computers have been designed and built according to his theories.
In WW2, he was responsible in creating the worlds first electronic computer that automatically broke Nazi codes, allowing the Allies to decrypt their radio transmissions almost in realtime and predict their military's moves in advance.
The machine that the Germans used was called the Enigma machine and it's a fascinating story, almost as fascinating as his personal life.Turing was a homosexual ,during an era when it was illegal and he was caught and prosecuted for being homosexual by the British Government ,being chemically castrated as "treatment".He committed suicide shortly thereafter, but his brilliance shines on long after his tragically short life.His ideas and work have driven almost all of the 21st century's advances in science and technology and he remains one of the mankind's towering figures in science, alongside greats such as Newton and Archimedes.
These pages are all WIP,will release some finished lettered ones once the PR push starts.

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