Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I took a 2 week Open Elective workshop in my old school,National Institute of Design this January called 3d Visualization for Designers wherein I taught students visualization techniques using clay and software.
Im quite happy with the workshop as they were new to 3d modelling and sculpting and after a week's instructions were producing some phenomenal work in both software and clay.I ended up teaching some rudimentary tools in Silo and Zbrush which they used to produce the final assignments.The quality of the students in NID is very good still and the resources they have access to are top notch.
Ive posted some stills of their work(scroll down) as well some pages of the syllabus content I designed for the 2 weeks I was there.

We finally printed all the final assignments in A0 and the course process showing progression in the Aquarium,where I had put up my pre-dip many years ago!
Real blast from the past...we also setup two workstations where the students showed how they modelled and detailed hi-rez 3d models in Zbrush and Silo in live demos for the final Open Elective presentation.There was a genuine buzz on campus as every Open Elective had also put up their work,personal favourites were the Bamboo workshop helicopters and Anuj's awesome drapery assignments.Very inspiring work!


igv said...

Hello's so good to see this post..brought back lot of past memories :) it was really awesome to have studied this course with you. I still consider this as one of the best and highly enjoyable courses of my nid time. I learnt so much and got hihgly involved and interested in this field. You are highly talented, your work is fab, and inspired us all equally. Thank you for everything.

igv said...

oh btw.. this was Ishwari Vakhariya from NID PG - New Media