Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whistling Woods Character Animation Workshop

I took a course at Whistling Woods, an animation and film school in Mumbai setup by Subhas Ghai.
I basically taught students how to use stepped keys ,breakdowns and inbetweening in Maya using traditional character animation techniques.They learnt how to draw on cell sheets on the monitors to make sure that their arcs were smooth and their poses "read" properly.Im posting some pics of my workshop over there and some student assignments showing the process I taught them.
I think the biggest takeaway they took from the workshop was how to plan an animation before they start animating,how to hit strong keyposes and how to make sure that the arcs and inbetweens contribute to a strong perfomance.

Getting to draw on the screen definitely broke down the barriers that 3d animation creates , and since they had a strong base on 2d animation, thye could translate their animnation concepts seamlessly over to a 3d animation software such as Maya.

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